Demon Lord Piccolo (demonlordpicolo) wrote,
Demon Lord Piccolo


been a while since i wrote anything haven't felt inspired to... sadly games have become borign again so i stockpiled on books and manga... though I was lloking at the upcoming CoH updates and that looks awsome... new costumes, pvp, and such... stuff happened in sports but it would be boring and repetive to talk about here... um, yeah... blah... those 11 volumes of ippo were awsome had a car break down on me will picking up my brother from his boarding scholl in conecticut and was stuck there for 9 hours.. that was fun =P.... all in all i guess it's been fine... but i still feel like i'm lacking a goal or cause... can't even cheer on the rangers with no hockey season in sight =P... well blah for now.
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